Moscow 28.02.2021 23:38

Meet our team

 In RusVenta we have a perfect combination of local Russian experts in key fields (customs, legal, certification, promotion, etc) and Spanish business consultants, analysts and trade specialists, to guarantee that our clientes will successfully enter the Russian & Ukrainian markets.

  • Konstantin Alexandrovich: Specialist in Electronics, building materials, machinery.
  • Elena Alekseevna: specialist in promotion, exhibitions and fairs.
  • Nina Olegovna: specialist in FMCG, alcoholic beverages, fashion.
  • Irina Polenova: certifications and technical barriers.
  • Irina Abdullina: customs, legal and tax advise.
  • Luis A. Lopez: Market analyst
  • John Company: MBA, finance consultant.
  • Alejandro Soriano: MBA, International Trade Specialist

Rusventa is official member of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it is also the location of our office.