Moscow 20.09.2019 00:51

Export to Russia

Russia continues to shine among the world’s high growth economies. GDP is growing more that 4% yearly, and 2008-2009 crisis seems to be completely forgotten.

The five leading high growth countries – Brazil, Russia, India, and China (also known as BRIC) and Mexico, over the last decade have nearly doubled their share of world output and they now account for one fifth of the global GDP.

On the other hand, Russia consistently ranks below other countries in the areas of government effectiveness, rule of law and corruption.

Russia has great opportunities for business.

If you´re starting business in Russia we recommend you to rely on a experienced and local-based consulting company in order to save time and minimize costs.

With RusVenta-Export Consultants, you´ll feel that export your products to Russia is as simple as export to any other traditional country.

Since 2004 we have successfully colaborated with international companies who aimed their sales strategy to the Russian market, from different fields, as ceramics & tiles, FMCG,  alcoholic beverages, electronic equipment, security systems, etc.

In case you’re interested in doing business in Russia, you can rely on RusVenta for guaranteed success.